Gasket Dimensions

IBC Form Gasket

FF Form Gasket

General InformationThis catalogue was created to identify gasket dimensions according to DIN EN and ASME normatives. A general distinction can be made between two sealing geometries:
1. IBC form(IBC = Inner Bolt Circle, round seal without screw holes)The centering of the seal is accomplished by the outer diameter of the gasket in combination with the nominal screw diameter,keeping the gasket (ring) in place. Please note that a higher surface pressure can be applied to the seal by using IBC form using the same bolt-torque values. Since the surface pressure has a decisive influence on the sealing-class, an IBC seal is generally the more advantageous option.
2. FF form(FF = Full Face, round seal with screw holes)The centering is accomplished by aligning the gasket with the flange and the screw holes of the seal. A FF form always involves a larger area of the seal. Thus the surface pressure of the FF seal always is lower with the same bolt-load than with an IBC seal.
Ordering InformationWhen ordering, specify:
  • Nominal pipe size / Nominal diameter or specific gasket dimensions
  • Pressure rating
  • Thickness of gasket

All abbreviations employed are explanined below:d1   [mm]       Inner DiameterD   [mm]         Outer Diameterd2  [mm]        Hole DiameterK   [mm]         Bolt CrcleDN   [mm]    Nominal Diameter

Gaskets Form IBC

Raised-Face and Flat-Face Flanges

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